The Saline Home Builders Association was incorporated in 1978 and has been a strong professional presence in Saline County since that time. SHBA members consist of Home Builder Members who provide good, solid housing investments for the citizens of our area, and Associate Members who supply products and services for the building industry. Builder Members are required to have a current Residential Contractor’s License issued by the State of Arkansas and all members pledge to abide by the Home Builders Association Code of Ethics.
SHBA membership includes affiliation at three levels: Local HBA, Arkansas Home Builders Association and National Association of Home Builders. The building industry interests are represented in local, state and national policy-making circles. There are two types of membership, there are Builder Members and Associate Members.  Members receive publications from NAHB and AHBA which provide information on the latest trends and developments in the housing industry and a bi-monthly local newsletter that covers local association activities.


What we do is advocate for our industry, supporting home ownership for all in Saline County.

*We are the watchdogs and the voice of the industry.
*We serve consumers with our commitment to excellence, quality and         trustworthiness.
*We are a significant engine of economic growth and year-round         employment.
*We provide networking opportunities for our members, support charities         and grant scholarships.
*We support and build our communities in which we live, play and raise         our families.
*We serve all members and sectors of the residential building industry.